Gate Ghosts Series

Dubious Risks, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Dubious Risks #12

Conclave continually pressures the Imperium Empire by ousting peacekeepers and Radag mercenaries from imperial territories. This interdicts resources bound for Krackus worlds from the suborned races and exacerbates Imperium distribution protocols.

On Jegstrat, a populous Krackus world, declining grain shipments lead to favoring distribution to large companies. Saboteurs plan to slow production at Imperial Grains, the largest processing plant. The goal is to rebalance grain distribution, but the attack goes terribly awry, causing death and great damage.

On the empire’s far side, the Liberation and its accompanying Trident squadrons deliver the next Helgart resident to the planet of Balgrade. The home world has a robust population, and the system offers rich resources.

As such, large numbers of Krackus and Radags are widely distributed throughout the system.

Far away from the empire, Julien supports the uplift of relatively undeveloped races. A Yeret inhabited world near the Queller anomaly requires additional water and slinging water ice asteroids at the planet for annuals will suffice.

Captain Mila Pappas and Salus, a SADE, sail a traveler to reconnoiter the Balgrade home world. Mila makes the decision to drop planetside, and the pair’s tactics create chaos for Radag teams.

On the Krackus home world, Presiding Executor Gaketork’s efforts to convince the executors of the empire’s dire circumstances earn him the animosity of powerful individuals who believe the best thing for Imperium is to remove him from office — permanently.

(Read an excerpt from Dubious Risks, Gate Ghosts #12. Download the Full Glossary.)

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